Monday, July 28, 2014

pesto + manchego + marcona almond

Viewer Discretion Advised. This post is home to 99.9% of the manchego cheese porn on the internet. 
Chow Creations usually strays away from the lewd and cheesy concupiscence that inundates the food blogging universe, after all, we're not a pizza blog, wait, what do you mean the next post is a pizza, what happened to the cookies and cakes, and what type of lunatic creates an entire post for pesto, has this all been one sentence, no we're having a conversation, wait, who are you, who am I, *sings Who Am I from Les Mis for a couple minutes, and we're back. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014

coming soon - pesto + manchego + marcona almond

Friday, July 18, 2014

simple potato salad + bacon + onion

Summer is passing by like a bullet train, but there's still time to have that barbeque or picnic you've been talking about since winter. This week I'm going to show you one of the easiest, most delicious side dishes that's going to knock everyone's socks off at the next shindig. 

Everyone has their go to potato salad recipe, however few of them are tasty, even less cook their potatoes right, and only one is as simple and delicious is this one. This my friends, is one of the easiest, make-ahead, delicious potato salads there is on the market. I'm talking about perfectly seasoned Al dente chunks of potato lightly coated in mayo and bacon drippings and simply folded with crispy bacon, caramelized onions, and spicy green onions. Plus, what makes this dish so great is that I'm sure all of you have the ingredients to make it right now!

Sunday, July 6, 2014

corn and cranberry pancake cookies - the pancakie revolution has commenced!

Besides the fact that this title has a serious case of alliteration overboard, these pancake cookies were amazing and absolutely delicious! Seeing that this Chow Creation is the convergence of two of my favorite breakfast/dessert items, I couldn't see why this wouldn't be a home run. They are soft and pancake like, but have this buttery crumb like a cookie. It's the perfect breakfast food that everyone is going to go crazy for! Not mention that pairing of the sweet corn (that is right at it's peak season) and those sweet tart cranberries, this is killer! 

Now I know what most of you in the foodieverse must be thinking, is this the new Cronut. Yes, yes it is. In fact, I'm predicting this is going to be even bigger than the cronut because, unlike the Cronut, which is difficult to make and comes in a limited range of flavors, the Pancakie can be made by anyone with a whisk and there's an unlimited array of variations you can create. Soon households all over America will have their favorite Pancakie recipe and then it'll spread to Asia, and then Europe, and I'll be king of the world! yeah, Pancakies, they're gonna be huge.  

coming soon - corn and cranberry pancake cookies

Gosh I'm so proud of my alliteration. I'm just gonna clear the air and say that that title is rivaling Shakespeare. One Midsummer's Night I just kicked your ass. Oh and the cookies were okay. The post is still baking, it'll be out soon.