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Hi y’all! My name’s Aaron Chow. I’m a seventeen­-year-­old self­-taught chef, photographer, and blogger (also investment manager, newspaper frequenter, and Parkinson’s Disease awareness advocate), who's passionate about cooking and showing others how food can be easy, accessible, and elegant. I try to show you guys weekly recipes (usually desserts cause some family members don’t trust me with meat), ranging from the simple to the complicated but always elegant. If you count yourself as one of the rare few who still read, I can assure you my blog will entertain. I’ll see you in the comments!

When I was younger I never really watched the conventional cartoons or Disney channel. My heart was always set on Foodnetwork and cooking. Since then my passion has just grown, and today my unhealthy obsession has driven me to watch cooking shows late into the night when everyone has already gone fast asleep. I can name any of the TV Cooking personalities by first and last name, and if you give me a kitchen I can cook up a storm. I know, you're so impressed. Cooking was my hobby but the eating part was what drew me at such an early age. And there was one part of the meal that I loved the most. DESSERT. Desserts, every type, shape, and form I could think of or research. So that's what I decided I would base my blog on, in the beginning. Then I got carried away with main courses, and how to's, and punny puns. Anyways, this blog is to show people that kids can cook, cook well, and teach the world one post at a time. And as always,

(p.s.: when I'm not writing, taking pictures, and eating, I'm playing piano, reading the paper, and managing my family's retirement savings.)

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