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Let's Cut to the Chase...
I like you, you like this blog, let's make a deal. If you want to support this blog, or you just want to show your chow-fection (Chow Creation Affection), give me a holler at my email.

If you're too lazy for that, scroll down and you'll see a contact form on the right column. Amongst all the sarcasm I just want to say thank you all for your support and your kind words, even though I'd much rather prefer your support, I'm just joking, okay maybe I'm not.

I'm super popular so don't feel sad if you don't hear back from me. Just get back on that saddle, copy and paste that special email and one day I'll see it, trust me. I just won't answer cause you're spamming me, don't spam my inbox. But anyways that's how you do it, comment below if you're too lazy to email/scroll down to the contact form, and as always


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