Tuesday, August 25, 2015

food adventures in chicago // the girl and the goat

I'm not a restaurant critic, nor do I plan to make many restaurant reviews in the future; nevertheless, today I had to turn my inner fan girl loose. For the past week, we (the fam and I) have been in Chicago. On our trip, we sampled dishes from some of the most highly acclaimed restaurants in the Midwest. We at places like Mon Ami Gabi (My Friend Gabi in French), Deka, and the Tavern (previously called Tavern on the Town, my parents favorite place to socialize and eat when they lived in Chicago). I suppose, all food bloggers like to believe they're qualified to review restaurants; they like to believe they're part of an elitist super-race, one which sports highly discriminating taste buds that can pick apart dishes into their elemental components. I can't speak for my fellow foodies, but I am part of that super-race. Here is my review of my favorite restaurant we ate at in Chicago—The Girl and the Goat. 

Monday, August 3, 2015

carrot cauliflower corn slaw + honey mustard dressing

After a brief break from blogging, I'm back and punnier than ever. Since posting the chow creations' first ever video recipe a couple weeks ago, I've been purtey busy: I made a blue table, aced my sixth semester at college, and bought a fancy-shmancy strobe light, which only set me back $200. I'm still learning how to apply my newly found skills and equipment, so this post will be a test run on many fronts, especially the lighting. Forgive the lighting. 

You, like me, may be reading this with a mild case of the end-of-summer glooms. Well, gloom not my friends for this cauliflower slaw is the cure to all end-of summer ailments. In fact, this slaw is so easy and refreshing you'll be wondering why you waited this long to learn how to make it and why I waited so long to post it. The answer is simple. I'm a selfish lazy bastard. That's my problem, not yours. Rehashing the past is pointless. Going forward I promise I will be a good blogger, the type that posts every week with the reliability of heartburn after a jalapeno. 

Sunday, August 2, 2015

coming soon // carrot cauliflower corn slaw + honey mustard dressing

After four long weeks from blogging (I had summer school), Aaron returns with a bright summer recipe to cheer up the end-of-summer glooms. This carrot cauliflower corn slaw is not only fun to say, but it's fun to eat (cut me some slack, my descriptions haven't warmed up yet). The recipe will be out in a day or two, so stay tuned. Hey that rhymed. Maybe I still have it. ;-)