Wednesday, March 30, 2016

coming soon // very berry new york cheesecake

This cheesecake is your quintessential New York Cheesecake: dense, rich, and not too sweet, accented with lemon and an dark oreo crust. The recipe is coming soon!

Thursday, March 24, 2016

the BEST strawberry streusel coffee cake

I'm not sure whether its because spring break is almost over (at least for me) or if its because I've been listening to "A Little Fall of Rain" by Les Miserables for the past six hours on repeat, but I'm in a somber mood. Granted I've also spent the past week enduring rejection letter after rejection letter from companies for summer internships, so I guess its one of those "confluence of issues" situations. Nevertheless, one bright spot of my week was nestling in the corner of my kitchen like an antisocial vampire cat fisting handfuls of warm coffee cake into my face. In true honesty, I may not be giving this week's recipe the credit it deserves. This Strawberry Streusel Coffee Cake is perhaps one of the BEST desserts/breakfast hybrids I've ever had in my life. I mean Bon Apetit agrees with me (depending on who you believe said it first). A moist and strawberry-packed cake with a delectably-thick layer of crunchy streusel leaves little to desire except for a looser jaw (I'll point to YouTube for that tutorial). As for this blog, I try to stick to the food and not the potential dangerous and psychotic, although my prose often resembles psychopathy. Anyways, Strawberry Streusel Coffee Cake. Keep reading for the recipe and how to prepare it!

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

coming soon // strawberry streusel coffee cake

It's already spring, and Easter weekend is just around the corner. Don't be just the next person to bring Strawberry Shortcake. Try this deliciously moist, crunchy Strawberry Streusel Coffee Cake. You won't be dissapointed you did. The recipe out very soon. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

crunchy honey almond butter

Read the back of a Skippy jar. I'll bet you at least three words in the ingredients list you cannot pronounce. If you can't even sound out what your eating, why are you spreading it on your breakfast toast (some of us for lunch as well). While today's intro comes from the platitudinously uninspired section of my vernacular, the message still rings true. Whether you're a parent with young children or an old fart who likes reading about mushy foods (usually I can get away with insulting the elderly because most of them haven't figured out how to use the "box"), you've arrived at the right place. Even though Homemade Almond Butter falls into the dreaded category of raw, healthy, and organic, it fortunately doubles as a delicious and satisfying alternative to practically anything spreadable. Homemade is not only healthier than Store-bought, it's actually easier to make than having to go to the store. Come along as we discover the one-ingredient fix (and the fixings you could add) to end all pantry guilty pleasures. 

Thursday, March 10, 2016

coming soon // crunchy honey almond butter

Almond butter. Anyone can make it. It's just almonds pureed in a blender. But, crunchy honey almond butter. C'mon. You got to know the secret. And, the secret is gonna be out soon. Stay tuned.