Sunday, May 18, 2014

marrow on toast - rich and unctuous

You know you wish you were here. And if you don't, then you're a party sucker and should rethink your entire life. Marrow on toast is such a classic preparation of this rich and unctuous treat. Not only that but I soak my toast with the rendered marrow fat so we get the maximum amount of beefy fatty goodness. 

To ensure that beefy deliciousness shines through I only season the bones with a little salt, pepper and thyme, just a classic seasoning for beef. Then there is that little mound of salad on the side, which is negligible, but somewhat necessary to cut all the richness. Anyway you slice it, this marrow recipe is the perfect way to kick off your weekend morning. And as always, 


3 beef bone sections, cut in sections
season with salt, pepper, thyme

broil on 400 15 min/side
remove from pan, dip bread into rendered fat, toast until golden
serve with a side of lightly dressed mixed greens

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