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heirloom tomato & blackberry crostinis + $25 giveaway

Last week, I treated myself to an early Father’s Day gift (no, I’m not a father, yet, so goes my rational). And, I didn't even need to spend much time searching cause I knew exactly what I wanted was on UncommonGoods dot to the com. I literally ordered myself some socks and rocks (I’m not even joking), plus two soapstone appetizer platters and a shot glass set. Then I realized. What am I going to do with two (two!) soapstone appetizer platters and a soapstone shot glass set? I can’t even drink yet! Then I realized. What can’t I do with two soapstone appetizer platters and a shot glass set! I even rationalized my buying a "hiding-place rock" for top secret recipes (more on that later). This Father’s Day, treat dad to this beautiful Heirloom Tomato & Blackberry Crostini that's rich, refreshing, and so easy. And, don’t think I’m just writing this post to brag to y’all about my new haul. Keep reading below to learn how you can win a fresh-off-the-printing-press $25 UncommonGoods gift card (I haven’t forgot about y’all, my fellow incorrigible shopaholics)!

This post is divided into two sections: 1) Heirloom Tomato & Blackberry Crostini, and 2) $25 UncommonGoods Giveaway. Peppered throughout are my reviews of the four uncommon goods I got from UncommonGoods. You can check out the exact items I bought here

What do dads like more than soapstone appetizer trays? Appetizers. Crostinis make great party additions because they’re elegant, quick-to-make, and oh-so delectable. These crostinis, especially, are the perfect combination of richness (mascarpone cheese + olive oil) and fruitiness (heirloom tomatoes + blackberries). Serve them on a chilled appetizer platter and watch dad devour them. 


This recipe yields about 2 dozen crostinis, perfect for parties and family get-togethers. 

1 pint of cherry heirloom tomatoes

6 ounces of blackberries
½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of freshly cracked black pepper
1 teaspoon of balsamic vinegar, I use a white balsamic just because I’m fancy
1 tablespoon of olive oil, you can use extra virgin olive oil if you prefer the flavor
½ cup of mascarpone + ¼ teaspoons of salt and freshly cracked black pepper, you can substitute for ½ cup of cream cheese

two french baguettes, I’m not sure what the Italian equivalent is but my local store sure doesn’t stock it


1. Start by chilling your UncommonGoods Original Soapstone Appetizer Platter in the freezer. Slice the tomatoes and blackberries in halves or quarters, depending on how large they are. Toss with salt, black pepper, vinegar, and olive oil and let macerate in the fridge. In a separate bowl, mix the mascarpone with a pinch of salt and black pepper. If you don’t want to go through the hassle of buying mascarpone (an Italian cream cheese-ricotta hybrid), which typically found in the store without preservatives (it goes bad after literally two days), cream cheese works equally well. Reserve both the tomatoes and mascarpone in the fridge to develop more flavor (reserve in separate bowls, of course).

2. To assemble these bad boys, slice, drizzle with olive oil, and toast the baguettes in a 400F oven for 15-20 minutes or until golden and crunchy. You want to slice them on the bias, slightly taller than a ¼ inch, otherwise they’d be bruschettas, if you know what I mean (I’m not even sure what I mean). From here, assembly is pretty much self-explanatory. Spread a heaping teaspoon of mascarpone onto the crostini and arrange the tomatoes and blackberries in an alternate pattern nestling them into the cream, so they don’t wobble.

Soapstone Entertainment Platter Review

It’s really a misnomer when I call this an appetizer platter because it’s very functional beyond the realm of antipasti. Whether you want to keep ice cream cold or pizza hot and gooey, this serving platter is the perfect kitchen essential. After just 30 minutes in the freezer, this serving platter turns into a block of ice, capable of chilled tabletop service for as long as 45 minutes. Plus, your counter is protected by the ash wood caddy that even leaves two spaces for easy carrying. Remember I said I bought two. No two soapstone tablets are the same. Each stone is uniquely imprinted with its own signature veins of slate and turquoise. How could something so beautiful also be dishwasher safe? Supplies are obviously limited, but you can try to get your hands on one at UncommonGoods

Hiding-place Rock Review

Now that we’ve got the creative juices going, keep your ideas patent protected…pre-patent law style. Stash those million dollar ideas and household secrets in the least suspecting place in your house: outside your house in a rock. Relinquished are those bygone days of foam rocks and camoflagueing cell tower trees because this Hiding-place Rock is quite literally the real deal: a holed-out, bonafide rock. I can barely hold the rock with one hand. The quality is exquisite, and I’m sure no water is getting through that tight plug. While the rock may seem like a peculiar buy, it may have been one of my most genius. Click here to see how affordable it is to protect the things that matter (no this isn't an insurance's a rock). 

How to Enter the $25 Giveaway (it's completely free and takes five seconds): This Giveaway has ended. 

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Artichoke and Shark Socks Review

UncommonGoods sports a truly eclectic selection of socks on their website. Any sock you’ve thought of, UncommonGoods has it in their catalog…everything. I saw a pair of tacosaurus socks, and I only skimmed the first page. Not all of them are food-related, but the food-related ones are the coolest in my opinion. If functionality is equally important to you as design, I will confidently say that both of the socks I ordered felt refined while still sturdy. I’ll definitely be wearing these pairs for the rest of my life!

I know this post wasn't like my normal recipe posts, but I hope y'all still found comfort in the always-cringy prose. I also hope y'all try the products I reviewed here for the upcoming holiday. Don't forget to sign up for our giveaway. The deadline to enter (directions above in bold) is June 8th, and the winner will be announced and contacted June 10th! Good luck and big thanks to everyone who takes the effort to enter. I’ll be personally checking whether each step was completed. Thanks again to UncommonGoods for providing the $25 gift certificate! And as always, 


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