Sunday, June 15, 2014

coming soon - easy hot fudge sauce + coconut + sea salt

There is so much hate and animosity in this world. It's no duty for one person to burden themselves with all this suffering - that's fudge sauce's job. 

Remember when you were a kid and you used to brazenly cascade pump after pump of chocolate sauce over your ice cream, beautifully unaware of its affects on your mind and body. Before now, the health conscious population has avoided the indulgent world that I live in. Finally a chocolate sauce that will take away all that worry, and bridge the gap between health and food. 

This is vegan, "healthy" (as healthy as a chocolate sauce can get), and unequivocally delicious. Stay tuned foodies and health nuts of the world. This is coming out soon so do not flinch. Technically you can flinch. It'll be on the internet forever. Well I could take it off after a half-a-second, which is the technical measure of a flinch. But that would be mean. Just stay tuned. And as always, 


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