Saturday, March 15, 2014

sweetened coconut flakes - better than store bought

Now if you've been following me since the last post on how to prepare a coconut, you probably have a container of coconut meat hidden in your fridge so take that out now. To turn this fresh coconut into sweetened coconut that you buy from the store you need to boil a cup of water. Add 16 teaspoons of granulated sugar and mix until dissolved, shut the stove off. While your water was boiling you should've taken your coconut and shredded it on a grater or in a food processor. You want small flakes of coconut, it depends on how merciful you are feeling today. Pack cups of coconut and throw them into the sugar water. You should have 4 cups. Buy more if you don't, and eat the remainder if you have extras. The coconut should absorb all of that liquid. Spread them on a lined cookie sheet until dried. To speed up the process every thirty minutes shuffle the flakes around with a spatula.

Now if you know that you are going to be using toasted coconut you don't even need to let these dry. Just throw these in the oven at 350 stirring every five minutes until golden brown. In the end you should have 14 ounces of homemade sweetened coconut and house that everyone on the block will envy. By the way this recipe will yield the same amount of sweetened coconut that they sell in the supermarkets.


1 cup water
16 teaspoons sugar
4 cups of packed fresh coconut

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